These reports allow the user to have a specified description of all the relevant information within all sales transactions.

This information includes the invoice number, prebook number, invoice date, purchase order number, standing order number, ship date, AWB, truck date, farm name, origin, brand, price list, salesperson, box type, total units, price before discount, discount, GPM, Total Handling, Total AWB Freight, Total Duties, Total Landed Cost, among other important information concerning sales.


The Sales Details and Sales Details with Breakdown reports can be generated in Excel or CSV format.  In order to download them, follow the steps below

Go to Reports >> Customer Reports.

Specify the Order Date From and Order Date To.  You can also filter it by SalespersonCustomer, and Customer Status.

Click on Sales Details or Sales Details with Breakdown option, or whichever report you wish to generate.

Once you select the report you need, a new window will appear asking you for an email address to send the report to. Enter the email address where you wish to receive the report and click on Send.

The report will then be sent to the specified email address.