The system allows the user to add a specific product name to products to be used after these are converted from boxes to units.


This field will be only available if the company has the Sales by Units enabled.

This option is for companies needing their products to have a different name once the box is opened and converted into units.

Go to Setup > Then select Products tab

 Go to the "Actions" column and click on the Edit link next to the product wanted.

 The Add product window will pop up. In the Rollup Product field enter the name of the product to be shown when opening boxes for that product.

 Finally, click on Save.

The Roll Up Product Name will appear once the box is manually opened from the Order Entry screen or when the box is automatically opened.

Rollup Product Multilocation Companies

Please note: For Multilocation companies, there is an option to configure the rollup product by locations. To do so, please follow these steps:

Go to Setup > Settings.

 Click on the Locations tab and choose the location.

 In the Order Entry section, click on Sell by Units.

 Confirm the Sell by Units checkbox is checked.

 Check the Rollup Product By Location box and click on Save.