This option on the scan gun allows returning boxes that had been invoiced and shipped to the final customer.

If the user is using the "Receiving" option to scan an already shipped box in order to return it to inventory, a message will appear notifying that the box was already shipped, instead, the scan gun will prompt the user to use the "Return Boxes" option.

The user needs to make sure of scanning only the customer shipping labels on the boxes.


Follow the steps below to returning boxes:

Login to the scan gun.

 Select option number "6" (Return Boxes)

 Scan Pick Ticket barcode found on the customer's shipping label:

 If a rack was assigned to the box when it was received, the user may assign a new Rack to the box being returned.

 Scan the Box Code.

 Once the boxes are scanned, these will be marked as RW (Received Warehouse).


  • The user must scan the box first and then modify the invoice in the system.
  • If the scanned box and the scanned Pick Ticket do not match, the following message will appear on the scan gun: "Lot number not in Pick Ticket".

  • If the scanned box does not belong to the Pick Ticket or there are no boxes shipped on that Pick Ticket, a  "Box Not Found" message will be displayed on the scanner.

  • It is not possible to return the same box more than once, that's why the system will return a message when a box has already be scanned with the Return Boxes option.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Scanner


Once a box is returned it may not be added to the same order.