The system allows you to reset partially or totally your inventory. By selecting this option the system will clear any inventory previously scanned in the Shipping > Inventory screen.

  • The system also offers the possibility to clear the position of the boxes (rack numbers or locations). However, this option is not recommended for companies that handle inventory count of 1000 items or more. This option is recommended when the warehouse is condensed and boxes are moved from one rack to another while performing the inventory count. 
  • Once the inventory has been cleared you can proceed by scanning the boxes, this includes any already sold boxes for the current or future dates.

These are the steps for this procedure

Go to Shipping > Inventory.

 Go under "Actions" and click on Reset Inventory. All the box positions will be cleared from this screen.

Once you click on Reset Inventory the next window will appear. For resetting partially the inventory, enter the letters of the specific racks you want to reset (use the enter or space keys to enter a different rack). In none case, you can enter numbers in the Rack Position field. For resetting totally the inventory, leave the Rack Position field empty and click on Yes. 

 The inventory will clear and you will be able to take the inventory and Assigning and Updating Rack Position to Boxes if necessary.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Shipping.