The system allows users to print a PDF file that includes the distribution of the products within a given AWB. This document may be useful for the warehouse staff, for a better distribution of products for the customers.



  • This document is only available for AWBs with an Arrival Date set up.
  • This report will list first all the customers with the customer setting "Show on New Allocations Screen" enabled and then, the customers associated the POs of the AWB.
  • This report includes the mark code of PO items along with the product description.

Go to Tracking>>Inbound Truck Summary

Use the available filter to find the desired orders.

Go to the Actions column and click on Receiving Worsheet in Units.

The system will download the worksheet in PDF. This will include the distribution of the product within the order by customer. Each page displays up to 22 customers. The Open Market column (OM) includes the product lines with not customer assigned and for Future Sales.

Download an example of this worksheet here.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Tracking.