Komet allows, both vendors and regular users, to quickly and efficiently upload vendor invoices into Komet. The system provides an option to email the vendor invoice file directly into the system so that it's uploaded to the specific Komet PO # it belongs to. The only requirement consists in replacing the email subject with the PO #, Vendor Invoice Number, and Invoice Total. This works only for attachments that are sent in a PDF file format.


To set this option for Single and Multi-Location companies, please follow these instructions:

For Single location companies go to Setup > Click on Settings, Under Accounts Payable, click on Vendor Invoices Via Email.

For Multi-Location companies go to Setup > Click on Settings > Select the Location tab > Choose the location. Find the Account Payable option and click on Vendor Invoices Via Email link. 


In case the mail box is the same for all the locations, to set it up in one location will be enough. If your company want to have a different mail box per location, this must be set up in each.

 For both types of companies, a pop-up window will appear, you should check the Enable checkbox and the window will expand to show more information.

On the Mailbox to receive the invoices field, you will need to enter the email address where you will receive your vendor's invoices. This email address will be used by Komet Sales to receive and upload the Vendor Invoices, and it will be known as your "Mailbox". You must also provide the password to access this email account, as well as the Host and Protocol information. 

Please be aware that Komet will verify the email address and it will not accept invalid e-mail address formats. The system will display error messages

Please keep in mind:

  • Only one Mailbox can be setup per company. If it's a Multi-Location account; then each location can set up its own Mailbox.
  • The protocol to set this Mailbox is IMAPS ONLY. If your email provider does not support this protocol, you will not be able to use this setting.

Emails already entered

If the addresses to enter here already exist in the system as a contact or as a vendor user, it will no longer be necessary to enter any email here.


After setting the receiving Mailbox, you must complete the Authorized "From" email addresses field. The email addresses entered here, are the authorized addresses where the Vendor Invoice PDF files will be sent from. If you want the system to receive Vendor Invoice PDF files from different email addresses as the ones specified in this field, you must keep in mind that these email addresses must be associated to that specific Komet Sales Vendor Account or Vendor Contacts. If there's no association, the system will not receive the email with the Vendor Invoice PDF attachment submitted from those email addresses.

The system also has a field to enter the email addresses which will receive a copy of the successful, warning or error messages resulting from sending the email to upload the Vendor Invoice PDF file attachment. Multiple email addresses can be entered as long as they are separated by semicolons.

 Finally, click on Save. Once this setting is successfully configured by you please contact Komet Sales to finalize the activation process of this vendor invoice uploading option.