Once the users complete the creation of the Purchase Orders, they can go to PO Summary and see all the information relate to the purchase orders generated. You can use the filters on this screen to search for a specific purchase order. To go to this screen click on Purchase Order > select PO Summary tab.

The PO Summary screen will show a summary of the purchase order information such as:

  • PO number: Sequence number assigned to every purchase order when they are created.
  • Origin: Port of origin of the products.
  • Vendor: Vendor the PO was created for.
  • Ship Date: Date in which the vendor sends the product to the warehouse or final customer if it's a ship direct order.
  • Boxes: Amount of boxes ordered within the PO.
  • FBE: Full box equivalence, of all box types ordered within the PO.
  • PO Total: Includes the total cost of the products and the additional charges in the purchase order.
  • Created By: The person who created the Purchase Order.
  • Status: The current status of the PO. For more information refer to Purchase Order status,
  • Comments: Space that displays icons that show the PO comments and if the PO was emailed and acknowledged by the vendor.
  • Actions: Users can click to view the different options that can be performed to that specific PO such as Edit, Delete, Email, Confirm, etc. 

Common Actions

Users have the option to export to Excel the information on this page, including the product details of each order; as well as Updating the status of POs and Sending POs Via Email by the Bulk using the grey Action button. Notice that you also have several options per product line, such as edit the line, print it, email it, cancel them, etc.

Color Indicators of PO Lines

When a PO has been modified or created by a vendor a color indicator will appear. The green circle indicates that some of the costs in the PO were entered by the vendor and were already reviewed by the buyer. The red circle indicates that some of the costs entered in the order were entered by the vendor and have not been reviewed by the buyer yet. Also, under the Actions column when clicking on the magnifying glass, the color indicator will appear as well.


The vendor will only be allowed to enter the costs of each line item only if the setting is enabled for that specific vendor. Also, it is not a requirement for the buyer to review the cost modification. Please refer to Vendor Options Setup for more information.

Purchase Order Details Screen

By clicking on the magnifying glass, from the Actions column, you will be able to open the purchase Order details screen from where several actions can be done. By hovering the mouse over the Prebook number, the system will display the Prebook details. If the prebook has spec sheets associated, users will be able to download them directly from this screen.

Actions Column

These are the actions you can perform from the actions column. Notice you can even print the Purchase Order which will include the product breakdown and Recipes (if applicable). If the Prebook associated to the PO is Ship Via Grower, the system will include the Carrier Account Number.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement Manager, Procurement User.