Once the purchase order is created, it will appear on the PO Summary with a "PA" (Pending for Approval) status. 



Keep in mind that statuses displayed in this screen are different from statuses displayed on Grower>>Confirm PO screen.


In order to send PO's to vendors, PO'S must be "Approved". In order to do so follow these steps:

Look up the PO needed, once found go to the "Actions" column and select "Approve".

 The PO's is now approved.

 If you wish to approve multiple PO'S at a time, Click on the "Actions" button on the top of the screen and select "Update Status".

A confirmation window will appear asking you to change the status to "Approved" or "Confirmed by Farm", then click on the "Continue" green button. 

 The orders will now appear with an "Approved" status.

Here are the different PO statuses:

  • Pending Approval: PO's pending to be approved by procurement.
  • Approved: The status of the PO will turn to green with the letter (A). This means that the vendor will be able to see it the Confirm POs tab.
  • Confirmed by Vendor: Once the PO is approved by procurement, there are two cases in which the PO can be confirmed:
    If the vendor has access to the vendor portal, they can confirm the PO in the vendor portal.
    If the vendor doesn't have access to the vendor portal, procurement can confirm them under "Actions" column, click on "Confirm". The status will change to "Confirmed by Farm" (CF).
  • Send to Cargo Master: If the company works with Cargo Master, once the PO is approved, it can be sent to Cargo Master and the status change to "Sent to Cargomaster" (SC).
  • Cancel: the status will change to "Canceled" (CA).


The above statuses can vary depending on the setting PO workflow. Please read Purchase Order Options for further information.

Color Indicators of Purchase Orders Emailed

  • Once you sent the PO by email the color of the "Approved" status will switch from green to blue and an envelope icon will appear under the "Comments" column.

  • If the POs have not been sent by email yet, the status will appear as "Approved" with a green color. Notice that the envelope icon doesn't appear under de "Comments" column.

  • Once the vendor receives and confirms the email the envelope will turn to green, also by hovering over the envelope a message will appear indicating the PO was "Emailed and Received"

Using the filter "Emailed" will help you find the PO's that were emailed and those that weren't.


Changes Made by Vendors

Please keep in mind that the changes made by your vendor regarding the status of a PO, will not be reflected on the Purchase Order Summary Screen but only in the Grower Portal.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement Manager, Procurement User.