The system allows to pull units from a box and assign them to an order using the scan gun. Keep in mind that the only unit type this process will work with is Bunches.


How to pull units?


This option will only be available if the company (or location) has the Sell By Units Setting enabled.

Follow the steps below to pull units:

Login to the scan gun.

Select option number "10" (Pull Units from Box)

  1. Scan the box code. Remember that this option will only work if the Unit Type of the units within the box selected is Bunches. Once you scan the box code, the system will display the box number, the product, and the Stems/Bunch in this box as well as the bunches available.

 Enter the bunches to pull, in this example, we are pulling 2 bunches. The system will prompt to scan the pick ticket of the order to invoice those units. Keep in mind that the order cannot be confirmed yet.

Notice that once the pick ticket is entered, the system will validate the order number which the units were added to. The price of those units will be calculated according to the unit price setup in the Sell By Units Setting

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Scanner


This options only works for solid boxes in bunches.

What happens with the box where the units were pulled from?

Once a box from the inventory is selected to pull a given number of Bunches from it, two scenarios are possible:

  • Pull all the units from the box: in this case, the box is opened and all its units are added to the selected order.
  • Pull some of the units from the box: the system will reduce the available bunches from the box. If the box code has more than one unit associated to it, the system will split the product line:
  • E.g: We had a product line in our inventory with 2 EB with 3 bunches per box so the inventory line item had in total 6 units.

We pulled 2 units from a box so we have now 4 units available in two boxes. The system will split the inventory line as follows: