This section will explain how to publish the inventory successfully from Vendor Company (VC) to Buyer Company (CC). Depending on whether you are a VC or a BC, please read the following information:


Synchronizing Inventory

Once the K2K integration has been set up, the next step consists on synchronizing the inventory of the Vendor Company (VC) and the Buyer Company (BC) inventory in order to be published in the sales channels of the BC.

Important Rules for the Synchronization

The inventory of the Vendor Company has to accomplish these rules to be synchronized:

  1. The Inventory Type must be Open Market.
  2. The product has to have a price.
  3. The product must be in boxes.
  4. The product cannot be in hold.
  5. The aging of the product cannot be more than 10 days.
  6. The product box has to have Box Dimensions.
  7. If the setting Min Age and Max Age for the E-commerce are activated, the inventory products to be published will be restricted based on the age set up; however, if the Max Age is set at less than 10, for K2K product this will mean that the max age of less than 10 will overwrite the 10 days Max Age default setting.
  8. The Local After value set up either per product or category will be also taken into consideration. This value will override the Max. Age setting, meaning that if you have a product with a Max Age value of 7 but the Local After value is set at 6, a product with an aging of 6 will not be synchronized.


  • Mixed boxes will not be synchronized.
  • If the multicurrency option is enabled in the Buyer Company and the Vendor Company has a different currency, it will be mandatory to set up the exchange rate for the Vendor Company in the Buyer Company so the product is correctly synchronized (read Vendor's Currency Setup for further information).
Vendor Company

To publish the inventory in the Buyer Company (BC), the first step is to have Open Market Inventory that complies with the conditions described in Synchronizing inventory. In the next example, we are going to publish a product called Agapanthus Black.


Add Manually Items to the Inventory. It must be Open Market Inventory. 

Confirm the product in the Staging Area.

Verify the products have the conditions described in Synchronizing inventory. You can modify the features from the pricing tab. The products will be available in the VA Staging Area of the BC only if the product description requires mapping.


Buyer Company

Once the K2K Integration has been accomplished, we can search for K2K products of the Vendor Company. Follow the steps below.

Go to the Vendor Availability Staging Area. Search for the desired product and, if needed, map it. Then, confirm from the VA Staging Area. When a product has been previously mapped, it will be immediately posted in the Available Items page. It is possible that the box type of the product has not been created yet in your company. If it is the case, you must proceed to create the box type first and then wait for the next day since K2K products are synchronized at midnight.

Notice the K2K black icon. This product is now ready to be ordered through a Prebook, a Standalone PO and it will also appear in the E-commerce of the BC. The system will display the product image of the VC in the E-commerce of the BC. The images will always be updated.


Please keep in mind that the K2K price reflected on the Buyer Company is not manageable through Web Pricing tab under the Inventory> Pricing.