There are tools within Komet Sales that allow you to complete a production process from beginning to end. With Komet Sales you will be able to create sales orders for finished goods, manage hard goods, create purchase order for your dry packs, convert these into wet packs, and invoice the finished goods to your final customer. 


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Pre-Selling your Finished Goods

  1. Follow the instructions for Creating a New Prebook so that you can create a prebook order for your final customer with the finished goods they want to purchase. 
  2. To adequately track the cost and have a real GPM, for these finished goods, within the cost field enter the cost amount keeping in mind the following:
    • The total landed cost of all the units of live goods that will be used for all the finished goods presold. (Found within Inventory>Pricing tab once these arrive to your inventory)
    • The total cost of all the hard goods that will be used for all the finished goods presold. 
    • The total cost for the hand labor of the third party production company for converting the dry packs into wet packs. (if it applies)
  3. If the cost information is not accessible at the time the prebook order is being generated; and therefore, there's no price information, you can use the How to Enter Prebooks With No Sales Price feature within Komet Sales. 


Purchasing Live Goods & Hard Goods for the Finished Goods & Invoicing 3rd Party Production Company

  1. Following the Creating Standalone Purchase Orders instructions, create all stand alone purchase orders required for both, hard goods and live goods, that are required to fulfill the presold order. 
  2. In the customer field of the Stand Alone Purchase Order enter the third party Production Company customer name that will be used to create the finished goods if it applies. If required, create the production company customer account, before creating the POs. 
  3. Once all line items from the Purchase Orders have been confirmed into the inventory, both live goods and hard goods, these will need to be invoiced to the third party production company at a $0.00 price. The purpose of this is to be able to remove live goods and hard goods from your inventory, so that the finished goods can be produced, and brought back to the inventory to be invoiced to the final customer

Converting Dry Packs into Wet Packs & Invoicing Final Customer

  1. Based on the purchasing needs generated from the original prebook order created to pre-sell these finished goods to your final customer, you must now create a Purchase Order, using the third party production company as the vendor by following the Creating Purchase Orders from Prebooks instructions.
  2. The Purchase order will be for the finished goods, and the previous invoice generated to the third party company using a $0.00 pricing, is your control of what has been transferred over to their location so that they can fulfill this purchase order. The cost within this purchase order is solely to keep track of the cost of the manual labor to produce each finished good. Keep in mind that the total cost of the finished goods, including material (live goods and hard goods) and manual labor is set within the original prebook order cost field. 
  3. Once this purchase order has been fulfilled, since it was generated based on the original prebook order, when confirmed from the Staging Area if the Automatic Billing & Allocation Options feature is enabled the finished goods will be automatically invoiced to the final customer. 



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