A recipe is a bunch consisting of different varieties of flowers. The system allows creating recipes using the existing products, however, recipes work as single products in the system. You can also associate hard goods and labor hours to each. Recipes will be available for Prebooks, Purchase Orders, and Standing Orders and will be identified with a blue star icon. If you want to transfer the Prebook information to the Recipe, make sure the option Hide Recipe Information is unchecked. 

How to create a recipe

Go to Setup>>Products

 Click on Add Product.

Enter the recipe name and all the required information that may apply, including the category and the image (read Adding Products to Your Komet Account for more information). Click on Save. Once you do it, the Recipe tab and Labor & Materials will appear.

Click on the Recipe tab. From this tab, it is possible to enter the products that will compose the recipe. You just have to enter the product name (which has to be already created), the number of stems, and the unit cost, click on Add and the product will be listed below. 

The next step is to associate the Labor and Material costs for the recipe if applicable. Enter the material or labor name and its cost, the quantity, and click on Add to save it.

Once the Recipe has been associated, the recipe column will have a check on the Products screen. Notice that this column is hidden by default.



Tip: Additional information

While creating a Recipe you can add additional information which will be shown to the vendor. This information can be added from the Setup, Recipe, and Labor & Materials tabs. Click on the image to see the detail.