By using the Product Pack Defaults the system will automatically load the unit type, bunches, and stems/bunch after the user selects a product and a box type when creating Prebooks and Standing Orders.

How to Set up the Default Product Packs?

Keep in mind that in order to make the system populate the pack's information it is necessary to configure this option first.

Go to Setup > Settings and under the Inventory menu click on the Product Pack Defaults link.

 The activation option will show, check the box to enable the product pack defaults.

 Pay special attention to the second option:

  • Choosing "Will": the system will save the pack specifications for items that are being entered into the system for the first time. This means that whenever there is a product without pack specifications under the Setup > Products > Default Product Packs screen, the system will save the pack information used on any order where the product was entered for the first time.
  • Choosing "Will not": the system will not save the product packs values that are being entered for the first time. In this case, the pack specifications will have to be entered directly through the Setup > Products > Default Product Packs screen.


The system will now load the product pack information when creating Prebooks and Standing Orders.

How to Add a Default Product Pack?

To manually add default product packs please follow the steps below:

Go Setup > Products and click on the default product packs link.

 Click on the Add Default Pack button.

 Type in the product pack default information and click on Save.

How to Edit a Product Pack?

Product pack information can be edited and deleted by going under the Actions column on the product pack page.

How to Default Product Pack Work When Selling By Units?

When the product pack es Stem, the system will only allow salespeople to enter multiples of the packing (Stems/Bunch) in the Quantity to sell field:


Box Factor for E-commerce

The factor determines the quantity or percentage which a given product, in a specific pack, fills in box type. This option will be useful for companies having the Vendor Availability activated for E-commerce.