Komet Sales allows the users that sell by Units to print Units Distribution Labels through the Staging Area either manually or automatically upon confirmation. The purpose of this label is to determine to whom the content within a box, which was sold in units, belongs and what content goes to the Units Open Market Inventory.

Keep in mind

  • This functionality will only be available if the Sell By Units is active.
  • The products within the PO must have been previously sold as units. (To print automatically distribution labels).
  • Distribution Labels will be automatically printed as long as the PO line item belongs to multiple Prebooks, if the PO lines belong to a Prebook and it also has Open Market units or if all the content within a box has been pre sold in units to a single customer.


Follow the next steps to print the Distribution Labels:

Go to Inventory > Click on Staging Area. 

 Use the filters to find the Purchase Order or AWB # that you need.

 Go to the Actions column, click on the drop-down button and select the option "Print Distribution Labels".

The system will print the units distribution information on the label as follows: the name of the Salesperson and the number of units that belong to their, as well as the number of units for Open Market, if it applies. See an example here.


  • Authorized users can set the system to print distribution labels automatically once an order is confirmed by enabling the option "Automatically print the distribution labels upon confirmation". For further information, please refer toSell By Units Setting.
  • Note: If the setting Prebooks in units must be billed as boxes is enabled, the system will not print the Distribution Labels automatically.
  • The system allows to prevent boxes from being opened once they are confirmed in the Staging Area by checking the option Don't Open. This column can be enabled by clicking on the gear icon>>custom columns option.