Komet Sales allows users to create print batches so all customer shipping labels needed are printed at once and in the order they were scanned.If there are multiple users scanning inbound boxes at the same time, the system will allow each user to create a print batch so that boxes can be scanned into that batch and the customer shipping labels printed once done scanning, this way shipping labels are not mixed up with other user's labels.


  • In order to print the shipping labels of the boxes that are in a batch it's important to point out that the box must be invoiced, it's recommended to have the Automatic Billing enabled on incoming scan for this option. This way, when boxes are being scan received in inventory, they are automatically billed and added to a batch.
  • If the Automatic Billing on incoming scan is not enabled the user will need to manually invoice the boxes before printing the batch.


Follow the steps below

Login into the scan gun.

 Select the Receiving option.

 Select the By Box option

The user can also receive By AWB, this will display how many boxes are on the AWB and will show the user the amount of boxes scanned and those still pending to be scanned. To do it this way follow the instructions from the Receiving Process.

 Select the option "H" for More Options.

Select option "B" for New Batch, to create a new one.

 As the image below shows the Batch #6 has been created.

Users have the option to create a new batch or use an existing batch. To use an existing batch read steps 9 & 10.

Scan the Box Code.

Once the batch is complete the user will enter  "P" to Print Batch,  press the Enter key and the scanner will send all of the received scanned boxes to the printer.


To use an existing Batch, select the "L" option for the list of pre-existing batches. This will give the user the list of batches that are active and have not been printed. The user can continue to add boxes to the selected batch.

 The list of batches available will be displayed as follows:

To Generate Units Distribution Labels:

  • If you want to print Distribution Labels for orders in units, make sure that you have selected the option "Units Distribution Labels" on the setting Print Labels Upon Receiving in label options, as follows:
  • To print Distribution Labels, you must make sure that the document type Shipping Labels has been set up for the specific location in the Manage Remote Printers .

To Generate Box Labels:

  • In order this feature to work for orders in boxes, the setting Print Labels Upon Receiving in label options must be set on Box Labels:

    • Make sure that the document type Receiving Labels has been set up for the specific location in the Manage Remote Printers setting.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Scanner

The print in batches option in the scanner will print labels for invoices that are in units by following the same process as invoices in boxes. Remember this option will ONLY work for companies that have the Remote Printers enabled and configured.