The system allows you to update the prices of a group of items from your price lists at once. To easily search for the products for which you want to update the prices, you can use the "Use exact product match" option. 

You can set the same price to your search results or affect them positively or negatively by a percentage or a dollar amount. Here is how it works.

Go to Setup > Price List and click on the "Prices globally" link.

 Use the search options to find the items that you want to update. Click on the "Use exact product match" checkbox if you want the exact same products to appear on your results.

Click on the Mass Update button, select the way in which you want to change the prices:

  • Change the prices in dollars: If you select this option, the system will update the prices of your search results with the amount you type in the Change the Prices To field.
  • Increase or decrease the prices in dollars or percentage: If you select this option the system will affect the current prices positively or negatively depending on your preference selected on the increase or decrease the prices in option and the amount entered by the following amount text box.

  A confirmation window will pop up, click on "Yes, Continue", and the prices will be updated