As prices can change at anytime we designed a way to manage price changes whenever an order is created.Enabling the "Price Override" option will allow Admins and Credit Managers to restrict the Sales Team whenever they change the price to a lower amount.If that is the case, they will have to request a "Price Override" in order to bill the items to the customer.


Price Override Setup

To enable this option please do as follows:

Go to Setup> Settings tab.

 Click on Credit and Price Overrides, under the "Order Entry Options" title.

 Check the "Require price override" option.

 Enter the users you want the system to send the notifications in order to get the approval (with a Sales Manager role), leaving this option empty, the system will notify all users with the mentioned role.



Remember there is an option to user level through we can set a percentage allowed to decrease the price, for more information, please read Setup Company Users & User Options.

How do Price Overrides Work for a Salesperson (Orders in Boxes)

When creating an order or a prebook with items both from future inventory and on-hand inventory, the system will pop-up a confirmation screen once you enter a price below the suggested price (price lists or purchase order) and click on Add.

Click on Add to confirm and wait on the same screen for the response of your Sales Manager.

Once your Sales Manager approves the override you will be able to add the line and complete the order. On the other hand, if your sales manager reject the price override the system will send you a notification as follows:


 We suggest not to exit from the confirmation window until you have a response from your Sales Manager, otherwise you will have to send again the request.

How Does it Work for Sales Managers

A notification will pop-up at  the bottom right corner of the screen in the Sales Managers system once a price override is requested. Click on the message to proceed with the approval. Remember the sales person will no be able to continue with the transaction until the Price Override is approved:

Sales Managers can also review the pending price overrides by clicking on the Overrides link at the top right corner of the screen. The system will display the pending credit and price overrides. Go to the Actions column to approve or reject the override.



Sales Managers are allowed to sell items both of future and on-hand inventory decreasing the price. The system will ask for a confirmation:

Price Override for Units

When a user tries to modify the suggested price of a product in units. The system will popup a confirmation window where the user can proceed with the price override by clicking on Yes.



  1. This action will be saved in the price overrides register and might be used to generate Business Intelligence reports.
  2. When the settings Sell by Units Only, Price Overrides, and Price lists are activated, the system will only save the price override in units if the product is included within a price list, however, if the price is decreased, the system will always save the register of the overriden



Remember that:

Price Overrides applies for both on hand and future inventory, in units, and boxes.