The system allows you to quickly identify the Prebooks pending to be billed in units when creating an invoice.

Main Actions

Invoicing Prebooks in Units


The following process only works when the setting Sells By Units Only is enabled. If the setting is disabled and you click on the number of Prebooks pending to be billed, two different behaviors may happen, depending on the user role:

  • Sales Allocation, Admin, Sales Manager: the system will take the user to the Allocations view, with the same filters applied on the Order Summary so they can complete the Prebooks pending to be billed.
  • Salespeople: the system will take the users to the Prebooks Fulfillment view, where users will be able to see the Prebook details and mark it as completed.

Go to Order Entry>Add Order.

Select a customer.

Once you select the customer, the system will display a message with information about the Prebooks pending to be billed for yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for the date selected in the filter. If there are no Prebooks pending for those days, the system will display the message "This customer doesn't have any items pending to be billed".

Click on the number according to the day where you want to complete orders. In this case, we are going to complete Prebooks from today. When you click on the number, the window Items Pending to be Filled is displayed. This window is similar to the window that appears in the Allocations View but just for Prebooks in units. Use the available filters for find Prebooks in units pending to be filled and click on Search.

Select the Prebook you want to invoice. Proceed to select the quantity to be billed and go to the Actions column and click on Add. Once you do that, the Prebook item will be added to the invoice. If you are done, click on Close. The system will default the salesperson and sales code of the first Prebook added to the order.

Postponing a Prebook

There are two available options to postpone a Prebook: from the Add Order screen or from the Order Summary screen. Both options need to have the Sell by Units Only setting enabled.

1) Postpone a Prebook from the Add Order window:

The system allows postponing a Prebook from the Items Pending to be Filled window. This option will only postpone Prebook items in units still pending to be billed. The item will be postponed for the next day.

Go to Order Entry>>Add Order. Select the customer and click on the message that informs about Pending Prebooks.

Select the Prebook line (or lines) you want to postpone. Go to the Actions column (or the Actions drop-down menu) and click on Postpone.

 When you click on Postpone, the system will ask you for a confirmation. Click on Continue.

Now the product has a truck date for the next day. Notice the system created a new Prebook with the same information since there were no Prebooks created yet. In case there is another Prebook with the same customer, carrier and truck date (the next date), the system will add the items postponed to that Prebook.

2) Postpone a Prebook from the Order Summary Window

This option applies for Prebooks having items in units but will postpone the entire Prebook. Users can Postpone a Prebook from this option as many times as they want.

Go to Order Entry>>Order Summary

Click on the number of Prebooks Pending to be billed.

The Prebook Order window will open. Use the available filters to find the Prebook to postpone. Click on Postpone on the Actions column.

 A confirmation window will appear. Click on Continue to finish.


In the Prebook Summary, a color indicator will appear next to the Truck date indicating that a Prebook has been postponed for 1, 2 or 3 days.

  • Yellow: The prebook was postponed for 1 day.
  • Orange: The prebook was postponed for 2 days.
  • Red: The prebook was postponed for 3 days.


Once you open the window Items Pending to be Filled and you want to change the day is not necessary to go back to the Add Order Window. Click on the shortcuts window and select the day you want to see the pending orders.

Adding Several Prebooks to the Order

The system allows adding more than one item at once. To do that, click on the number of prebooks pending for a given day, select the Prebook item you want to invoice, go to the Actions column and click on Add to Order.

Marking a Prebook as Complete

The system also allows to mark a Prebook as complete and it will no longer appear as pending to be billed. This action can also be executed from the Fulfillment View.

Once you are in the Items Pending to be Filled window, select the Prebook line you want to mark as completed. Go to the Actions drop-down menu and click on Mark as Completed.

The system will ask you for a confirmation. Once you are sure, click on Continue.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.