Komet Sales allows the creation of Prebooks in units, which means that instead of entering a number of boxes, the Prebooks can be created using a total quantity of either stems or bunches.



Go to “Prebooks & SO’s > Add Prebooks”, complete the Prebook header and save it. Notice that the customer information will appear once you added this to the Prebook, including the payment methods, credit information and shipping address. After the Prebook header has been created items can be added to the Prebook. To do so, click on the Units tab.

 Enter the "Vendor" name (if required).

 Enter the "Product" name. To search for the product use any combination of the product name. Examples:

  • “roswhit60” will search for all 60 cm white roses.
  • “cdngreen” will search forallgreencdn.
  • “redselectcarn” will search for all red carnations.
  • “akito” will search for all Akito varieties.

 Enter the Unit Type which will be used to calculate the total price amount.

  • Bunch: The system will calculate the total price based on "Bunches x Unit Price".
  • Stem: The system will calculate the total prices based on  "Bunches x Stems/Bunch x Unit Price".

 Enter the number of TotalUnits and Unit Price (the total price is based on the unit type).

 Click on the green Add button on the right-hand side. The item will be added to the bottom of the grid.

 Repeat these steps for each item that needs to be added to the Prebook.

To Keep in Mind
  • The "Billed Units" in the Prebook Summary Fulfillment view and the Allocations view, currently don't reflect the correct line item quantity information entered on Prebooks in units, if the unit of measure is "Stem".
  • In the Prebook Summary and Order Entry tabs, the detail line items maintain the order in which the products were originally entered by the sales user, even when the Prebook has been edited.
  • Notes added to a product line item within a Prebook in units will also appear in the Bulk Purchasing screen. Please refer to the Bulk Purchasing Mode for Presold Units article for more details on this.
  • The system allows the creation of Prebooks in units without having to put a unit price. In this case, the system will suggest a price once the items are purchased based on the cost of the product within the Purchase Order and the Financial Settings (Freight, Handling, Duties, etc.) previously set.
  • The system allows for a Default Unit Type per product to be set on the Komet product list. When adding that product to a Prebook the system will automatically display the Unit Type previously configured. To set this option for each product, refer to Default Unit Type for Products.


Keep in mind that in order to start using this feature, it must be enabled from the Sell By Units Setting

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Sales, Allocations, Procurement Manager.