(lightbulb) Welcome! This guide is designed to get you started on processing Prebooks in Komet.

What is a Prebook? What information does a Prebook have?

Prebook is a pre-sell (not yet an invoice)for a customer.

In order to generate a Prebook record, it must include the following fields. Products and prices can be added later.

  1. Customer
  2. Truck Date
  3. Carrier

What Is the purpose of creating a Prebook
  • Prebooks allow to create an internal record of a customer's request.
  • Salespeople create the Prebook and once the product is available, the Prebook is used as the basis for creating the Invoice for the customer.
  • Prebooks inform the Procurement team which products they must request from their vendors to supply the customer's needs.
I want to set up my Prebooks in Komet. What do I do first?

By default, your salespeople will be able to start using Prebooks in Komet, however, you might want the Prebooks feature to adapt to your company's specific needs. By going to Setup>>Settings>>Prebook Settings you will be able to setup different restrictions in Prebooks creation: possibility of editing cost, prices, salesperson, set price lists, hold Prebook items, among other actions. Some of the settings can be set up on a per location basis in the case of multi-location companies. For further information on these options, read Prebook Settings and Restrictions.

I want to create a custom workflow for Prebooks

As an optional step, you can set up a workflow for Prebooks based on different statuses, this will allow you to control for example, when a Prebook will be visible for the procurement team. For further information read Statuses for Prebooks.

How can Prebooks be created?

Prebooks can be generated in different ways:

1) Manually, either in boxes or units.

2) Through a Standing Order.

3) When the system creates an E-commerce order for Future Sales or Vendor Availability products.

Download a PDF version of this guide here.