The Order Summary allows you to perform several actions in the system, such as printing reports, confirming orders or printing invoices.


Available Filters

There are several filters you can use to search for the orders from the Order Summary. Once you apply the filters and search, Several Actions can be performed. When you find your order, click on the Actions gray button and select the action you want to perform, such as Export To Excel, Generate Box Detail ReportPrint Shipment ReportExport Invoice Orders Details. Remember that actions such as Print Invoices require that you check the orders from the left column.

Default Filters and Shortcuts

The system allows cleaning the filters anytime you want to. Just click on the Default Filters link below to the Payment Terms filter. Notice there are also several shortcuts for searching for the order within a specific date range.

Custom Columns

The system allows you to choose which columns you want to display. Click on the gear icon and choose the columns you next in this screen.

How to Print Invoices

Print Invoices Massively

For printing invoices follow the next instructions:

Go to Order Entry>>Order Summary

Use the available filters to find the orders. 

 Select the orders you want to print from the left-hand column.

Go to the Actions gray button and click on Print Invoices.

 The system will open the Generate Invoices window giving some information about the orders to be generated.

 A notification will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen informing that the invoices will be sent to the logged user.

How to print a single invoice?

To print a single invoice just go to the actions column and select the Print Docs option.

The Print Docs window will appear. Check the invoice option and select the printer you want to use. In this case, we are going to select PDF which will automatically download the invoice. Then click on Print. Download here an example.

Invoices Paid and Partially Paid

Invoices partially paid: These invoices can also be printed from the A/R>>Open Invoices screen. The information of the last payment applied to this invoice will appear at the invoice bottom

Invoices totally paid: These invoices can be printed from the Order Summary Screen. The information of the final payment applied to this invoice will appear at the invoice bottom as the following. Notice there is a watermark informing that the invoice has completely been paid.

Invoice Order Details

By clicking on the details icon, in the Actions colum, you will be able to open the Invoice Order Details, which contains specific information about the order including products, GPM, mark codes, Prebooks associated, etc. Either for boxes, units and hard goods. By clicking on the gear icon in the boxes tab, you will be able to select which columns you want to display.

Tip: Prebooks Pending To be Billed

Notice that the system displays the number of Prebooks pending to be billed according to the dates range selected in the filters (see image). For further information please read Order Summary-Fulfillment View.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.