Shortcuts allow you to work faster while managing your inventory at the Order Entry tab. 

In order to use the keyboard shortcuts follow the next instructions: 

Go to Order Entry>>New Order

Enter the order Information.

Press G+I and the Inventory window will open.

Now, you will be able to use the following keyboard shortcuts to add items to the order.

Shortcuts Available

G + B Will take you to the Boxes Tab.

G + F Will take you to the Future Tab.

G + U Will take you to the Units Tab.

G + H Will take you to the Hard Goods Tab.

G + I Will open the Inventory.

G + S Sell over quantity window will pop up.

Ctrl + D Will place the cursor over the Scan Hard Hoods field.

Ctrl + Enter Will open the dialogue to add items (with the cursor placed over a product line).

Standing in a product line, in the inventory screen, press  S  to be taken to the search field.

  Will take you down to the next line.

  Will take you to the above line.

⟶ Go to the next page (from the Bulk Mode).

⟵ Go to the previous page (from the Bulk Mode).

Tab Go to the next field.

Shift + Tab Goes back to the previous field.

Enter From the Add Items window will help you navigate through the unit and suggested prices in a zig-zag direction.

Ctrl+G Open the Additional Charges window once the order header has been saved.

Ctrl + U      Show/Hide the Aging and GPM column per line when creating the order.


To access the available shortcuts information, click on the (question) button from the Add Order screen.


Shortcuts only work when the cursor is outside the search fields. In the next example, the keyboard shortcuts won't work since the cursor is over the Search Product field.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.