In this section, you will be able to check your customer's invoices with open balance. 

Invoices with Open Balance

Go to the "A/R" tab. Click on the "Open Invoices" sub-tab.

 You will find the open invoices and the remaining "Balance" for each invoice order.

 The Actions column allows you to: Print Invoice, Email Invoice, and Receive a payment.


Export To Excel

Notice that you have the option of generating a report in Excel with the open invoices listed on the grid. Download here an example.

Partially Paid Invoices

Those invoices which have partially been paid will have the last payment information at the bottom.


Invoice Details


The user can view the invoice details, such as Invoice SubtotalDiscount Amount (if any), Tax, and Invoice Total, respectively, at the bottom of the invoice. In order to print an invoice, follow the instructions above, and click on Print Invoice, as shown on the prior GIF. Once you do this, the invoice will be downloaded in a PDF format.
If you want to see the Invoice Details directly from the Open Invoices screen, just click on the invoice number. The system will open the Invoice Order Details screen where all the order information will be shown, including products, prices, additional charges, taxes, etc.