The system allows mapping of products that have not yet been associated in Komet Sales from the Prebook Summary screen.The Prebooks that have some products without mapped attributes will be highlighted in red and the user will be able to easily map those products.

To map products follow the instructions below

Click on the yellow warning icon.

A pop up window called "Order Details" will appear. On the bottom right, there will be a warning icon with a "Click here" link. Click on this link, to start the mapping process for the products.


Once you do this, an "Object Mapping"  window will appear. Within the Mapping column cells, you will need to search for the Komet Sales product description to be mapped for that specific product. Once done, press the Tab key.The system will automatically link the unknown product with the Komet Sales product description entered within the Mapping column.

 Once you finish mapping the products just close the window and you will be able to continue processing the Prebook order.


If the Prebook line has  a PO already associated, the system will also update the product in the PO once the mapping is completed.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Fulfillment,Admin, Sales Manager, Sales, Allocations, Procurement Manager.