This functionality allows the transferring of inventory in units for Fresh cuts and hard goods, all done in an orderly fashion from one location to the other.


Keep in mind that once an order containing Hard goods and/or Units has been transferred, the order cannot be undone or edited as they are automatically confirmed to the inventory.

Also, the information included in these types of orders is not reflected either in the company's dashboard nor reports.

Transferring Items in Units

Once the initial setup is configured, the process of Transfers works as creating an invoice to any other customer. For more information on the initial setup, please refer to Multilocation Transfer Setup article. To transfer items in units, please follow the steps below:

Go to Order Entry > Add Order.

Fill out the required fields.  For Location, enter the location you are transferring the products from and for the Customer field, enter the name of the customer or location where the product will be transfer to.

Once the order is Confirm it will be reflected in the "Order Summary" screen. To confirm that the process was completed a black checkmark icon within the actions column will be displayed, indicating the order was successfully transferred.

When transferring units or hard goods, the products go directly to their respective inventory once they have been confirmed. In the example below, all of the products were transferred to the Riverside location.

Transferring Hard Good Items

The process of transferring hard good items is the same as that of transferring units.  Once the order has been confirmed, the products will go directly to the Hard Goods Inventory. Please follow the steps described above to transfer Hard goods. The image below shows the items reflected in the Hard Goods Inventory screen.


The aging of the product will remain the same after the transfer process based on the arrival date of the first location regardless the date when it arrives at the final destination.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.