Certain users are able to change the Ship Date and Carrier from the Shipping->Order Summary screen.

This option is only available for authorized users. If you want to allow a user to change the ship date and carrier, please read Setup Company Users & User Options.



In order to change a ship date/carrier, follow the steps below:

Go to Shipping > Order Summary.

 Use the available filters to find the order or the orders you want to edit and select it, by checking the box to the left of the order number column.

Find the "Actions" button and click on the "Mass Update" link. 

 Enter a ship date and click on Continue. Notice you can also change the carrier if you need to.

 The system will ask you to confirm the number of orders to update. Enter the number and click on Save. Once you do that, the new ship date and carrier will be assigned to selected orders.


In multilocation companies, it is necessary to filter for a a given location to update the ship date and carrier. To update the carrier successfully , the selected orders must match with the location filtered.