Product Categories can be easily managed in order to properly group products and find them easily when creating any type of order within the system. 

To add a new category please follow these instructions:

Click on the "Categories" link on the left-hand side.

Click on "Add Category", fill the information requested such as Name, Division and Region of Origin for that Category. 

 You can also enter an "Accounting Sales Code"  and an Accounting Procurement Code. Companies that have integrations with an external accounting system may need to fill in this information. 

Select the colors for the category to be viewed in the Order EntryJust click on the blank field and select the color that will appear. Select the color and the system will show you an example of how the product will appear in the Order Entry>> Inventory window. If you select a Text Color for a specific product under the category that already has Text Colors, the system will display the Text Color selected per product not per category when showing the product in the Add Order>>Inventory. If not, the system will display the category's Text Color for the product under that category.

When you check the box Display last product on search, henceforth the system will push products of this category to the bottom of any search results that use the product autocomplete. For more information please read Positioning products last on a product search.

 Notice you can also enter specific Tariff codes and Customs Code, which will be required for generating certain reports. These fields have space for up to 20 characters.

 Enter the product weight in kilogram per unit (optional). If you want, you can also add a Box Charge for this category.

 Finally, click on Save to finish. 

Sort the categories by dragging and dropping them vertically. This will determine the sorting of the items listed in the inventory.

Export to Excel

Download categories if needed on a spreadsheet using the "Export to Excel" button.


How to Edit and Delete Categories


Existing categories can be easily edited and deleted using the options on this screen: