The system allows the use of multiple locations so that more than one company branch can be managed from a main Komet Sales account.

  • Any changes for Prime and Armellini shipper accounts must be requested from Komet Sales, if it applies.
  • The Multiple Locations setting will only be available after it is activated by Komet Sales. "Once this setting is activated it cannot be reversed".



Create a Location

Once the Multi Location function has been activated in your account you will be able to add as many locations as you need. To do so please follow the steps below:

Go to Setup >> Locations >> Add Location.

 Complete the information required in each of the available tabs: Information, GPM, Fuel Surcharge and AWB Freight/Handling. This is done for each location created. 

Updating Each Location's Information and Financial Settings

Go to Setup >> Locations >> Actions column >> click on Edit.

 A "Location Information" pop-up window will display. You will be able to update all the location's information required. You can also add/change the location's logo, as well as financial settings such as: GPM, Fuel Surcharge, AWB Freight/Handling.


You need to associate your carriers and customers to each location along with the company users, that will only have access to that location. Once a customer is associated with a location, the system will show the customers that are associated with that location within their customer account as the Main Location first if this setting is enabled. For more details on this review: Customer Settings. Keep in mind that if the Main Location setting is not enabled Komet Sales will only display all customers associated with that location.

Associating Carriers and Customers to a Location

Go to Setup > Locations > Actions and click on the Customers or Carriers link and click on the carrier or customer that needs to be associated.

From the "Setup>Locations" tab you will be able to manage the Users, Carriers and Customers for each location. Besides this, having multiple locations will affect the way you view and create Prebooks, Standing Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoice Orders and inventory management as a location field will need to be completed within the order header.  

Associating Users to Locations

Go to Setup > Locations > Actions and click on the Customers link. A pop-window for Edit User Locations will appear, use the search filters to associate a user and check the box next to the name of the user.


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Please note that the invoice numbers will always be unique throughout all locations.