Komet Sales provides the ability to connect with Logiztik, an International freight forwarder.

How does this option work?

By using some of the available API methods, you, as a Company that uses Komet Sales, will be able to integrate your Komet account to your handler's system so you are aware of what is happening to your products in real time, since the information will always be synchronized.

  1. Your vendor adds products to an AWB and the Logiztik Alliance's system gets details of the AWB and the boxes within it through the API method awb.details.list.
  2. Once boxes are scanned as received in Logiztik Alliance's system, the system will mark boxes as received in Komet as well (by using the API method box.warehouse.receive).
  3. Your salespeople create and confirm invoices from your Komet account and the Logiztik Alliance's staff receives a notification about the new invoice.
  4. Logiztik Alliance's staff gets the invoice details through the API method pickticket.details.list, so they proceed to the shipping process.
  5. Once the boxes are scanned as shipped from Logiztik Alliance, the system will use the API method box.warehouse.ship to mark the boxes as shipped from Komet Sales as well.



To activate this integration, follow the next instructions to create a Company token for Logiztik Alliance and once it's done, send this token to the Logiztik Alliance team along with your company ID so they can integrate your Logiztik Alliance account with your Komet account.

 Go to Setup>>Settings.

 Click on Tokens, under Integrations settings.

The tokens window will open. Click on New Token.

Enter the token description, select Company in the Token Type dropdown menu and proceed to check the following API methods:

Obtain your Company ID

Logiztik Alliance also needs to know the Company ID that represents your Company in Komet Sales. To obtain this, follow the steps bellow.

Log in to your Komet Sales account.

Click on the app's icon at the top right-hand side corner of the screen .

Find the Company Id under the Komet Connected logo.  Copy it and save it for later.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Setup (token generation process).