The system allows the personalization of the information printed on labels. The following options are available. Remember if you have a specific label need for your company, you should contact Komet Sales (For further information please read Customized Shipping Labels). To set up the Label Options in a Multilocation Company, please read Label Options: Multi-location Companies.

Main Options


How to Sort the Shipping Labels When Print Them

The system allows you to choose a preference for sorting the Shipping Labels before you print them. To do this, set the option "Sort Labels By". Notice that if the option Generate Consecutive Number for AWB is enabled, the system will display an additional option to sort the labels.

Shipping labels Separator

Shipping labels can be printed per order or multiple orders at once. When warehouse users print labels for multiple orders it can get confusing, since there isn't any way to help pullers identify where each order starts and ends. With the order label separators, users will be able to identify the first and the last labels printed for each of the orders.


To print shipping labels with the order separator please follow the steps below:

Go to Setup > Settings > Shipping and click on Label Options.

 On the Label Options window select the Print order separator label option and save the changes.

 Go to Shipping > Order Summary.

Select the orders the labels will be printed for. 

 Go to the Actions button and select the Print Labels option.

At the Print Docs window, select the Printer Name and then click on Print




 The print order separator label will "ONLY" print when labels are sorted using the order number.




 The system will print the labels for the selected orders with a label order separator, as the image below shows

Vendor Information on Shipping Labels

When printing labels the way the shipping labels are printed can be chosen. Shipping labels can be printed with the "Vendor name & code" or just the "Vendor Code".

To print the shipping labels with the "Vendor name & code" or "Vendor code", please follow the steps below:

Go to Setup > Settings > Shipping and click on "Label Options".

 To print the Vendor Name & Code: Under Shipping Labels, enable the "Print the Vendor name & code on the labels" option. Then click on Save.

 This is how the label will print when Vendor name & code option is chosen.

To print the Vendor Code: Under Shipping Labels, enable the "print Vendor code on the labels" option and click on Save.

Labels printed with the Vendor code option will appear as below:


Generate Consecutive Number for AWB (AAO)

When this option is enabled, the system will generate a consecutive number by AAO (AWB Arrival Order) and also for each box within it. This could be useful for logistic processes within the warehouse. Please keep in mind that this option works both for Grower Labels and for Shipping Labels. The counter for AWB's consecutive numbers will start on 001 and the next AWB will be 002. The consecutive number by box will apply within each AWB, starting on 001. If users add or delete boxes from the AWB, the system will take into account the last consecutive box number generate to continue generating consecutive box numbers.

Notice that once this option is enabled, the system will also display an option to sort Shipping Labels by AAO. In case this last option is checked, the system will sort labels by order number, AAO, and box consecutive number. The separator label will also be printed.

Grower Labels will now have a consecutive number for each AWB next to the AWB number and for each box label, below the Lot #, as follows:


Shipping Labels will display the AWB consecutive number below the AWB code, and the box consecutive number will be displayed below the carrier name as follows.


The Pick Ticket will show the consecutive number per box, next to the box code:

Don't Mark Orders as Printed when the Sales Team Prints them

If for any reason, salespeople print shipping labels from sales screens and you don't want to affect the work of shipping users, this option may be useful because by activating it, the system won't mark the orders as printed when a salesperson prints the labels from sales screens as PDF.



This option does not work for remote printing.

Go to Setup > Settings > Shipping and click on Label Options.

 Check the option Don't mark Order as Printed when Sales Team Prints.



Print Labels Upon Receiving

This option allows you to set up which types of labels should be printed (from the remote printer set up for receiving labels) upon receiving with the scan gun.

For more information about this process read Print Labels Upon Receiving.


    • If you select Units Distribution Labels, the system will automatically print those labels on the Remote Printer set up for Shipping Labels. For further information read Printing Units Distribution Labels.
    • If you select Box Labels, the system will validate the status of the box. If the box is in the inventory or in the staging area, the system will print the inventory labels. On the contrary, if the box is already associated to an order, the system will print the shipping labels. In both cases, the system will print the box labels on the Remote Printer set up for Shipping Labels.
Printing Customer Information on Grower Labels

The system allows you to decide whether the customer information is printed on the grower labels or not. If the ship is via grower, the customer information will always appear on the grower labels.

Go to Setup > Settings > Shipping and click on "Label Options".

Check the box "Print Customer Name" and enter a code which identifies your company.

 Click on Save.

The grower labels will look like this:


When the option is deactivated the grower labels will be printed with your company's information.

Ship To Instead of the Customer Name

If the original Prebook has a Ship To and this setting is activated, this information will always appear instead of the customer name, regardless of the ship via option selected.

How to Hide the AWB on Grower Labels

The system allows partially hiding the AWB on grower labels, this may be useful if you don't want everyone to be able to see it.

Go to Setup > Settings > Shipping and click on "Label Options".

Select the way you want the AWB to appear on grower labels. There are two options available: Partially, which will display an AWB as 345-xxxx-6664, or Completely (the default option), which will display the entire AWB number.

 Click on Save to finish.

This is how a grower label will display the AWB if the Partially option is activated: