Komet to Komet for Product Needs is a feature of K2K that allows companies that are using Komet Sales to transfer their purchasing needs to other companies that are using Komet Sales. Once the product need is fulfilled in the Vendor Company, the transaction trickles down all the way to the Buyer Company where the product is automatically invoiced for the final customer. This integration will save both companies time, labels and most importantly: it will maximize sales opportunities for both parties. If you want to use K2K for Buying Buying, please contact us.

How Does the Process Work?

 1) Transfer PO

A Purchase Order is generated and transferred from the Buyer Company to the Vendor Company 

 2) Fulfill the Requirement

A Prebook is created in the Vendor Company which proceed to fulfill the requirement

 3) Order Generation

The Vendor Company bills the product.

 4) Order Confirmation

Once the Vendor Company confirms the invoice, the product will be transferred to the Staging Area of the Buyer company. 

 5) Final Shipment

The Buyer Company receives the product and its ready to ship to the final customer

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Key words

Vendor Company (SC): Also called Supplier Company. Is the company that is going to supply the product need transferred from the Buyer Company.

Buyer Company (BC): Also called Customer Company. Is the company that is going to transfer the Purchase Order to the Vendor Company.


In case the Vendor Company's Currency is different from the Buyer Company's Currency, the system will make the appropiate currency conversions so the prices and costs are displayed correctly in each company.

Bill to Final Customer

The system allows you (with previous agreement with your Vendor Company) to activate an option named Bill To Final Customer. When this option is enabled prebooks and POs marked as Ship Via Grower (farm direct) will be transferred and billed in the Vendor Company for the final customer instead of the Buyer Company. In case you want to have this option enabled, please contact us.