This section will explain the K2K flow for the Vendor Company. Keep in mind that in order to optimize the K2K process, the box codes will remain the same during the K2K flow.

Once you have synchronized and Published your inventory, it will be ordered through any of the sales channels of the Buyer Company (Wholesaler in the image). The system will create a New Order in your system and an email notification will be sent to the salesperson (associated to the Buyer Company), letting them know that a K2K order has been checked out by the final customer.

Search for the order placed for the Buyer Company (BC) and confirm it. Notice that an easy way to find K2K orders is to search using your Buyer Company name. K2K orders have an indicator next to the Order number. You can also type K2K, the Order filter Once the order is confirmed, it will be added to an AWB. This AWB will appear in the Buyer Customer with the reference number of the order or with its ship date.

Non-Checked Out Items

Some of the items within the order may not be completely checked out by the final customer of the Buyer Company on E-commerce. If this is the case, a confirmation window will pop up informing that some items have not been checked out and those items will be deleted from the order once it is confirmed. In this scenario, the salesperson from the Buyer Company, the final customer, and the users specified on the fields Send Invoice To and send Check Out Notification To of the Vendor Company will be notified about the items deleted.

If you want to see which product lines are still pending to be checked out, click on the details icon to open the Invoice Order Details screen. The non-checked out items will be marked with a blue icon, and the already checked out items will be identified with a green icon. You will be able to see the date and time when the item when the product was added to the shopping cart.

Direct Orders

Before you proceed with the shipping process, Please make sure to check the Ship To and the warehouse instructions of the order to verify the selected carrier. Sometimes the carrier account number may be also included in the Warehouse instructions.

Carrier Mapping

When you receive a K2K Order it is possible that the Carrier appears as UNKNOWN. This could be due to the Ship Via selected by the final customer. You will be able to indicate the Carrier by reviewing the Warehouse Instructions and notes in the order details so you can proceed to mapping the Carrier.

Go to Shipping>>Order Summary and Print the Shipping labels.

Customer Mark Code

The Mark Code of the order in the Vendor Company will be the Customer Code of the Buyer Company's customer. Click on the image to see the details.

These labels will have a K2K mark so they can be used as well in the BC as receiving labels so no double labeling will be required.

 Proceed with the shipping process.

Ship Days Offset

The system allows to set up the number of days that an order with K2K products must be entered in advance of the ship date. For example, if the value is set at 3 and an order is placed on Monday, the Buyer Company will not be allowed to purchase the items prior the following Thursday, which will be the actual Ship Date of the Order.

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