This page describes the options Vendor Companies have available for K2K.

Ship Days Offset 

This option allows to set up the number of days that an order with K2K products must be entered in advance of the ship date. For example, if the value is set at 3 and an order is placed on Monday, the Buyer Company will not be allowed to purchase the items prior the following Thursday, which will be the actual Ship Date of the Order.

Transfer Real Aging

This option allows to decide whether the real aging of the inventory transferred through K2K should be visible once the product is published in the Customer Company. Click on the blank field next to the Transfer Real Aging field and enter the companies for wish you want to display the inventory real aging of the product published through K2K on their inventories.

Connected Locations

Multilocation companies can decide the number of locations they want to synchronize through K2K and share their inventories. To do this, enter or select the locations from the Connected Locations option under the K2K settings and click on Save.

You can select or remove locations massively from the Select All and Remove All buttons.