The Inbound Truck Freight allows users to view the status of boxes based on the inbound carriers, as well as the Ship Date and Arrival Date.In this tab, you have the option to enter the Load Number and also view details of the vendor and product information.


Users will be able to use this page only if the Inbound Truck Freight setting is activated for their company. To activate this option please refer to Inbound Truck Freight Options 

Inbound Truck Freight Information


Once you activate the Inbound Truck Freight option for your company, you will be able to see the Inbound Truck Summary sub-tab under the Tracking tab.

To see more information about the inbound carriers go to Tracking > Inbound Truck Summary. Using the filters, find the carrier needed and click on the carrier's name. 

Detailed shipping information can be seen per Carrier: Arrival Date, vendor, purchase order #, product description and amount of boxes shipped. 


Setting the Load Number


How to set the load number

Go to Tracking > Inbound Truck Summary.

Using the available filters search for the carrier needed.

 Find the "Load Number" column and click on the "Set Load Number" link.

 The "Load Number" window will pop-up, enter the load number information then click on Save.

 The main screen of the "Inbound Truck Freight" tab will display the number entered.

  • Keep in mind that you cannot add a "Load Number" if there's no arrival date set on the carrier column. The system will display a message.
  • Please remember that if the load number has already been synchronized with an external system, it will no longer be editable.