Admin users are able to export details from this screen so they can review the details of the invoices.


To get the file with details, please follow these steps:

Go to A/P > Inbound Truck Reconciliation

 Filter the displayed information accordingly (such as Carrier, Load Number, Arrival Date From, and/or Arrival Date to) and click on Export Details button.

 Enter a valid email address where you want to receive the report file and click on Send.

 A confirm message will be displayed letting you know the report has been sent to your email. In the email address that you entered in step 3, please verify that you receive an email notification with the link where you can download the report.

 Download it and it should show the information as this one. In the report, you will also find a brief explanation for each column.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Accounts Payable.