The Inbound Truck Freight Reconciliation tab allows users to track carrier costs. Users will be able to enter inbound truck freight charges based on Full Box Equivalent and attach invoices.

Users will be able to use this page only if the Inbound Truck Freight setting is active for their company. To activate this option please refer to: Inbound Truck Freight Options

Setting the Truck Freight Cost 

Go to A/P > Inbound Truck Freight Reconciliation.

 Using the available filters, search for the carrier needed.

 Go to the "Freight" column and click on the "Set Truck Freight Cost".

 A pop-up window called "Add Inbound Truck Freight" will appear. There, the user will have the option to enter the value without uploading an invoice. Just complete the "Freight Cost" field and the system will calculate the Freight per FBE.

 To enter the "Freight Cost" and upload the invoice, click on the "Upload Invoice" link and enter the information requested.

 Once done, upload the invoice file using the "Drag file here or click to upload". Once done, click Save.

 After uploading the invoice, the system will calculate the Freight Cost and Freight/FBE cost automatically. These costs can be approved, edited or deleted from the "Actions" column.

 Finally, click on Close. The system will display the new total  Inbound Truck Freight cost added.


  • Once the new freight charges are applied, the system re-calculates the per unit landed cost of all the products that are in the Staging Area, Inventory or already invoiced , regardless whether the product is in units or boxes.
  • An invoice can also be canceled from here by authorized users, once an invoice is approved, click on the Actions box and you will be able to cancel it.
  • The system only allows you to upload one invoice, reflecting the same invoice number when uploading the Inbound Truck Freight for the same Vendor; A warning message will appear stating the invoice number already exists.


Keep in mind you cannot set a Truck Freight Cost if there's no arrival date set for the carrier line column. The system will display a message. See image below:

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Accounts Payable.