Komet allows your customers through E-commerce, 24/7 access to directly purchase from your inventory and in-transit items. For more information, please refer to the following link:  Configuring E-commerce Settings.

By default, Komet will automatically display the products that are marked as ''open market'' first.

To Keep In Mind

Products on Web Hold will not be displayed. For more information, please read the article How to Hold Products from the E-commerce Availability.

Any product marked as ''Sell Fast'' will automatically be shown. To find more information about this option please refer to Enabling the automatic sell fast option.

Displaying Future Sales Inventory

If there are multiple inventory products available for the selected Shipped Date, once all of the Open Marker products have been purchased, the Future Sales inventory will be displayed.

Also, prior to the Future Sales Inventory being displayed, the following Ecommerce Settings must be selected:

  • The Future Sales setting must be enabled, including the option Show Future Inventory on E-commerce Settings.
  • The Max Order Days in Advance must be configured.
  • The system will take into account the Truck Days After in the Future Sales Settings to determine the number of days that a product will be available in the Future Inventory for E-Commerce. For more information refer to the Setting and Creating Futures Sales article.
  • The ''Price B'' must be selected for each customer under Setup>>Customer>>Advanced.
Displaying Vendor Availability

Once all of the Open Market and Future Inventory has been sold, the Vendor Availability will be displayed to be purchased.

Before the Vendor Availability is displayed, the following must be configured:

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin. (From Seller company).