In this section, you will learn how to review your customer's web orders and confirm them.


Go to Order Entry > Order Summary tab.

To view the E-commerce orders, enter W in Order filter field to check the web orders.

 Go to Actions to view the order details, you can also print, email or edit the order.

 Select the order and click on the Confirm Orders button. The customer will automatically receive the invoice via email.

 Finally, the status of the order will change to Confirmed.  

Checkout Status: Workflow of Prebook Items

As you might know, when customers purchase items coming from Future sales, K2K, Vendor Availability, the system will not create an invoice but a Prebook. The salesperson can identify the checkout status of the Prebook items through the next statuses:

2018-02-21_0811.pngDraft: This is the initial status once the order is placed by the customer. If at least one item within the Prebook is still pending to be checked out by the customer, all the Prebook will have this status. Salespeople will be able to check out the items within the order. To do so, open the details window and click on the Checkout button.

 Checked Out: Once all the lines within the Prebook have been checked out, the Prebook will have this status.    


Skip Order Confirmation

Komet Sales allows skipping Order Confirmation by enabling the setting Autoconfirm Orders Upon Checkout. Once a customer places an order, it will be automatically confirmed.