The system allows to receive payments from the Order Entry screen once the order is confirmed. If you want to make the payment mandatory for  a given customer, enable the setting Require Payment Upon Confirmation.


This option must be enabled by going to Setup>>Settings, click on Order Entry Options and check the option Allow to receive payment upon confirmation. On Multilocation companies, go to Setup>>Settings, click on Locations , select one location, click on Order Entry Options and check the option Allow to receive payment upon confirmation and then, enable the setting per customer.

Once the option is enabled the system will display the option to pay the payment along with other options. Click on Pay & Confirm to continue.

The Payment Information window will open. The system will ask the user to enter the payment information. Please consider that the Amount Received, Order Amount and Change are fields only for informational purposes. Click on Apply Payment to finish. Remember that is also possible to receive a payment by using credit cards (either in App or using terminals, that must be set up per location). To have this last option enabled, the Clearent Integration must be enabled.

Apply Open Credits to the Payment 

When a customers has open credits (including overpayments, customer credits and transfer credits), the system will allow to apply the open credits directly to the payment in the same way which is done from the Receive Payments screen. In case the amount of the open credits applied is greater than the order total, the system will generate an overpayment. 


On multilocation companies, you must activate the setting Allow to receive payment upon confirmation per location. To make the payment mandatory, remember to turn on the setting Require Payment Upon Confirmation per customer.