The system allows to refund Open Credits to customers. Users can either refund Customer Credits or overpayments. This transaction must be done from the Receive Payment screen.

Refund Credit Cards Payments

Once you refund a payment made through a credit card, Komet Sales will refund the amount of the transaction to the customer's card. 

Instructions to Process a Refund

Go to Accounts Receivables(A/R)>>Receive Payment.

 Enter the customer name for which you want to process the refund for and hit the Enter key.  (In multilocation companies, make sure you select a location with the Clearent integration enabled).

Check the option "Refund the open credits to the customer". 

 Click on the link in the message "This account has $XXXX in open credits. Click here to apply"

The Available Credits screen window will open. Select the credits you want to refund and click on Close. 

 You will be able to see the refund total. Choose the Payment Date and Payment Method and complete all the required information. Click on Save and New to continue on the same screen or click on Save & Close to return to the Payment History screen.

What Does Happen if a Refund is Cancelled?

If a refund is canceled from the Payment History screen, the Open Credits will return to the customer as a credit balance.

How to Identify Refunds

1) From the Payment History

A refund will be identified on the system as a negative Payment. From the Payment History screen, a refund transaction will have an R next to the control #.

2) In Reports

Reports generated from the Payment History & Editing Payments screens (Payment History and Payment Details) will easily identify refunds since the values Applied amount and Payment Total will be negative.


This option is only available for users who have open credits.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action: Accounts Receivables,  Admin, Cashier.