The system allows Grower Companies to carry out their countable ends through the Accounting Invoices feature according to the taxation legislation of each country. This article explains how to print Accounting Invoices.


Follow the these instructions to print Accounting Invoices.

Go to A/R >>Accounting Invoices Summary.

The system will open the Accounting Invoices Summary screen.

Use the available filters to find the Accounting Invoice you want to print.

  • To print a single Accounting Invoice, go to the Actions column and clic on Print.
  • To print several accounting invoices at once, select them, click on the Actions button and then click on Print Invoices.

Once you click on Print, the system will display a window through which it is possible to select the way you want to generate the Accounting Invoice:

Grouped: The document will display the information grouped by category. Print here an example.

Detailed: The document will display detailed information of each product line, including the sales order number. Download an example here .

Select the way you want to print the Accounting Invoices and click on Print to finish. The system will generate the Accounting Invoice in a .docx file according to your company's information.


The information printed on Accounting Invoices can be customizable. Contact us to support@kometsales.com for further information.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action: Accounts Receivables,  Admin.