Komet Sales allows users to open boxes in order to sell the content by the unit. Keep in mind that once the box is opened this cannot be undone.

To be able to Sell By Units, the Sell by Units option must be Enabled from the Sell By Units Setting.


Go to Order Entry > Add Order.

 Fill in the General Order Information and click on the "Add Items" green button.

Search for the product needed and once found, double-click on the product name and a pop-up window will appear. Click on the "Open boxes" button at the bottom left-hand-side.

The "Confirm" window will pop-up so you can enter the boxes count to be open. The "Unit Price" can be edited if required. If not, the suggested unit price will be based on the landed cost behavior of the unit when a box is opened set up in the option Unit Price Should in the Sell By Units Setting (and the markup entered if applicable). Check the Print Box Labels and Print UPCs options if required. In this window, you are also able to change the unit type, if you do it, the system will suggest a new price of the item and the GPM will be updated automatically as well.

 The Print Labels window will appear, click on Print to proceed. 

When selecting Print Box Labels and the Print UPC's options, if the company has the Manage Remote Printers enabled and configured, the UPC Labels will automatically print to that specific printer that was initially set up for. If it is not enabled, Komet will generate the PDF file as usual. For more information about managing remote printers, please refer to the Manage Remote Printers article.

Once the box has been opened all of its units will be transferred to the "Units" inventory. These will now be available to be sold as units. If the price needs to be changed, it can be done from the "Unit Price" column within the "Units" tab. The user can also set the "Inventory Price" from here.

For those companies that have the "Rollup Product" description for a specific product enabled, the "Rollup Product" name will be visible once the box is converted from boxes to units. For more information about setting the "Rollup Product" description, please refer to Rollup Product When Converting Boxes to Units.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.