The system allows you to manually create Prebooks from Standing Orders without any restriction in terms of the starting date, ending dates, or their recurrence.It doesn't matter if your company uses the automatic generation of Prebooks based on Standing Orders, you can still generate your Prebooks manually. 


Go to Prebooks & SO's > Standing Order Summary.

Use the filters to Search for the Standing Order, once found select the checkbox.

Click on the "Generate Orders" button.

The Confirmation window will pop-up, select any date within the Week you wish to generate the order, Order Type leave as Regular Order and You can also choose if you want the system to create the Purchase Order once you click on the Generate" green button. The Purchase Order will have a status Approved.


It's important to point out that if you want the system to create the purchase order automatically once a SO is generated, all of the standing order fields have to be complete, including each line item. Even if you are manually generating multiple Standing Orders the system will not create a PO for those SO line items that are incomplete (missing vendor and/or cost). 

The image below is a good example of this situation. The standing order is marked as incomplete, but the only line item that will not be included on the PO is the one missing Vendor and Cost information.

Standing Orders Ended

Once the End By date of a Standing Order has been reached, the system will not allow generating more Prebooks or Holiday Orders for it.

Once the generation process is complete, you can verify the Prebooks by following these steps:

  • Click on the “Prebook Summary” tab.
  • You will see the new Prebooks that were generated based on the standing orders. Notice that the “SO” column contains the Standing Order number that was used to create the order. If you placed any Special Instructions/Comments in the Standing Order these will appear under the “Comments” column.

When manually generating the Prebooks from Standing Orders you have to pay special attention to the following information:

  • In case the automatic generation of Prebooks based on SOs is enabled, you should always verify if the Prebooks have already been generate before using the manual option, since this could double up the orders.
  • When entering a new date for the Week field on the Confirmation screen, the system uses the week regardless of the date that is selected. If you don’t specify a date, the system will assume you want to generate the order for the current week.
  • Doing this process manually doesn't affect the previous configuration of the Standing Orders.
  • For this operation, the system doesn't take into account the Start Date and the End Date of the Standing Order.
  • The system doesn't take the recurrence of the Standing Order into account.