Additional charges allow you to add items to your invoice that are not from the inventory. These charges may be useful to charge things such as fuel surcharge, product repacks, quality control inspections, and any other item that is not received in the inventory. 

You can set up as many additional charges as you need for your operation. In order to add additional charges to your invoices, you must set them up first through the Settings page.

Keep in Mind the Information Below:

  •  If you selected a specific amount ($), the system will save the Additional charge after saving the invoice information without adding any line in units. 
  • If you selected percentage, the system will only display the additional charge after selecting a line in units.
  • If you edit an Additional Charge and add a specific value after it was calculated using a percentage configured, the system will not recalculate the additional charge automatically anymore using the percentage. It will only display the specific amounts that you entered.



Adding Additional Charges Manually to an Invoice


To add additional charges, follow these steps:

Create a new invoice or edit an existing invoice under "Order Entry" and the subtab "Add Order".

 Fill all the information required in the blanks and click on "Save".

 Once you have added the product needed, Click on the "Add Additional Charges" link located under the order total amount (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+g).

 The system will open a window listing that shows available additional charges. Enter the dollar amount by clicking on the box next to "Description". Negative values can also be entered in the amount field as long as they are not higher than the total value since Komet doesn't allow negative balances. To enter a negative value, just type in a minus symbol (-) followed by the dollar amount; the system will automatically calculate the total that will be reflected on the invoice.

 Enter a description for the additional charges, so your customer can have more details about it.  

Once you are done, click on the "Close" button.

 The additional charge will be added to the invoice as a separate line item. Besides, the system will display the additional charges in the printed invoice with their description.

Automatic Additional Charges

After the user makes the additional charges automatic, Komet will calculate the additional charges taking into account the information previously configured.To make your Additional Charges automatic, please refer to Automatic Additional Charges

For users to see the Additional Charges automatically, they should create an invoice and add the units needed.

How to See the Additional Charges Added to an Invoice?

To see the details of the Additional Charges added to a given invoice, just click on the details icon in the Actions column from the Order Summary. The system will display the Invoice Order Details window, click on View Charges. If any description has been added to the additional charge it will be displayed along the its name.