The system allows company users to hold items, so they're not displayed on E-commerce as available.

In order to do so follow these steps:


Go to Inventory > Pricing.

Use the filters in order to find the product lines that will be placed on hold.

Under the Web Hold column, there will be a checkbox for each of the product lines that are in the inventory.

Select the check-box in order to hold the products. 

When customers enter the E-commerce, they will see a padlock icon on the product that is on hold; placing the mouse on it will display a tooltip with the following message: ''Please call for availability''. The customers won't be able to purchase products on hold until they contact the company user.


The purchase of a product on hold will have to be completed from the Order Entry by the salesperson, as the customer won't be able to do it through the E-commerce portal.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Inventory (from Seller company)