This article explains how to edit Ship To's, Carriers, and Customers on an invoice. Once an invoice is modified it will automatically save as pending to confirm.


How to Change a Customer on an Invoice?

The system allows editing it. Follow the next instructions:

Go to Order Entry>>Order Summary.

 Use the available filters to find the order for which you want to change the customer.

 Go to the Actions column and click on Edit. If the order has already been confirmed, a confirmation may appear.

 The system will take you to the Add Order window where you will be able to edit the customer. You can replace the customer name or double-click on the customer field and then select the customer from a list.

Once you change the customer, the system may ask you to enter information such as the Carrier or the New Ship Date. The invoice will automatically be saved as Pending to Confirm. 

Tax Recalculation

When the customer is changed the system will automatically recalculate the taxes set up for the new customer and this could affect the invoice total.

How to Edit Ship To's?

Ship To's are used to associate different locations where the products can be shipped to for a specific customer. Once an invoice has been created, the ship to information can be modified if required.


Go to Order Entry > Order Summary, use the "Search" button to find the invoice that will be edited, and under the Actions column click on Edit.

 Notice that this particular invoice has a "Ship To" already associated it; to change it, click on the "Change Ship To" link located on the "General Customer Information" box on the right-hand side of the screen.

Check that all the information is correct and then click on "Save and Use" . 

Once done, the user will be able to view the changes reflected on the invoice right away. 

When clicking on the "Save and Close" button, the changes won't apply for the order currently being edited but for future orders only.

How to Override the Carrier

Users can override the carrier when it comes from a Ship To that was added to an order. This can be done if the setting is enabled. Refer to Setup Order Entry Options

Follow these steps:

Go to Order Entry > Order Summary.

 Use filters to "Search" for the order that is going to be changed.

 Under the "Actions" column, click on Edit.

 On the left-hand side of the General Order Information on the "Carrier" field, select the new carrier.

 Click on Save.

Unable to edit an invoice?

  • Keep in mind that the system will prevent that more that one users edits the same order (already confirmed) simultaneously.
  • Please take into account that when an order has already been paid you won't be able to Edit it. Orders confirmed and synchronized with an external system (or throught an API method) cannot be edited neither.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.