Confirm orders is one of the last steps in invoices management. This article explains how to do it.



In order to confirm the order, click on the Confirm button within the Add Order screen. 

The system may display a Confirm pop up window for you to choose if you want to create a new order so the system refreshes the screen for you to be able to enter a new invoice order. You can also go back to the Order Summary by selecting Take me to the Order Summary. This depends on a per user setting called Allow to decide how to proceed upon confirmation.  Click on Close once you select an option or proceed to email the confirmed invoice to the customer.

If you want to print or email before confirming the invoice, just click on the Print or Email buttons in the Actions column from the Order Summary Screen.

Other Options

Require Payment Upon Confirmation

When the setting Require Payment Upon Confirmation is enabled for a given customer, the system will ask the user to enter the payment information and automatically apply the payment. This option works both from the Order Entry and Order Summary screens. Please consider that the Order Amount and Change are fields only for informational purposes in order to help the user to know how much the change for the customer should be.


Apply Open Credits to the Payment 

When a customers has open credits (including overpayments, customer credits and transfer credits), the system will allow to apply the open credits directly to the payment in the same way which is done from the Receive Payments screen. You can apply partial payments using the open credits but you must cancel immediately the remaining amount in order to confirm the invoice. In case the amount of the open credits applied is greater than the order total, the system will generate an overpayment. 

Skip the Payment

Salespersons will be able to avoid the payment by clicking on the Skip the Payment gray button.

If you click on Skip Payment the system will ask you to enter a Sales Manager or Admin password to continue. The system also allows changing the Payment Terms. Click on Skip Payment once you finish.

The system will identify this order on the Payment History screen, letting the user know who authorized the non-payment when the order was confirmed.


If the user clicks on Close, the order will not be confirmed.

Pay With a Credit Card

In case you want to pay using a credit card, read the article How to Receive a Payment With a Credit Card (Order Entry Screen)

How to Confirm Several Orders at Once

To confirm several orders at once, go to the Order Summary, select the desired orders and click on the Confirm Order gray button.


If some of the customers for whom you are trying to confirm an order have the setting Ask Payment Upon Confirmation enabled, the system will skip those orders, meaning that they will be still pending to be confirmed.

Confirm Orders Having Products with Zero Price

The system allows warning users when confirming invoices which contain products with zero price. This warning message works either if you are confirming a single invoice or multiples at once.

This option must be enabled by going to Setup>Settings>Order Entry Options.

Once this option is enabled the system will warn users when they try to confirm orders that contain items with zero price as follows. You must enter the word CONFIRM to proceed and click on Yes, Confirm.

Reconfirm Orders

The system allows you to reconfirm orders. Once you do that, a confirmation message will appear informing you that some of the orders are already confirmed and asking you if you want to reprint the orders already confirmed. If you want to reprint the orders, write PRINT in the blank field and click on Yes, Print button.

Confirm orders from the Order Summary

To confirm orders from the Order Summary, click on the details icon in the Actions column for a given order and click on the Confirm Order green button. (Click on the image to see the detail). You might be asked to proceed with the payment if the setting Ask Payment Upon Confirmation is enabled.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.