The system allows a salesperson to choose which Price List should be associated to a Prebook while creating it.


This option is called Allow salespeople to choose a Price List for a Prebook and must be enabled from Prebook Settings. In case of multilocation companies please read Prebook Options-Multiple Locations.

How to select a price list?

Once the option is enabled, the system will show the Price List drop-down menu to choose a price list. Choose the customer and the system will select by default the price list associated to the customer (and location if applies) from the Customers Setup.

In any case, the system will allow you to choose other price lists (type All and Prebook) and will apply it to products added to the Prebook.


It is possible to select a different price list for each product line within a Prebook.

Master Price List

It the salesperson does not select any price list, the system will suggest the price based on the Company's Master Price List.