The system allows to process a chargeback for uncompleted or failed transactions. The system will reopen all the invoices that were associated with the selected payment and a negative transaction will be created with the same information of the original payment so the balance of both transactions is 0. If you want to charge your customers with a fee, you should consider processing a NSF instead of a Charge Back.


Charging Back Credit Cards Payments

Once you charge back a payment made through a credit card, Komet Sales will refund the amount of the transaction to the customer's card.

Go to A/R (Accounts Receivables).

 Click on the Payment History tab.

 Use the filter to search for the payment you want to apply a Charge Back.

A confirmation window will appear where you can enter the date of the transaction. Click on Continue to finish. The system will mark the payment with an icon identifier along with the user name and time stamp of when the charge back was applied. A negative transaction under the concept Charge Back will be registered in the system.

The invoices associated to the payment will be reopened and the credits applied will be available as Open Credits again.


Users cannot process a Charge Back for a date prior to the payment date

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action: Accounts Receivables,  Admin, Cashier.