When editing hard goods, you can add to them additional charges which will be automatically applied when adding the hard good to an invoice.



Go to Setup > Products and click on the hard goods products link.

 Click on Edit, in the Actions column.

Click on the Additional Charges tab.

 Click on Add additional charge to associate a new charge or click on the charge name, in the Additional Charge column for edit it.

 Enter the name and the amount for the additional charge.

 Click on Save.

How to Apply a Unit Price Markup

The system allows to set up a markup percentage by hard good and vendor that will increase the unit price when a box is opened to be sold by unit. Keep in mind that if the Pack Size is 1, the system will assume that the product is already in unit so the Unit Price Markup field will be hidden.

To set up this, go to Setup>>Products>>Hard Goods set up screen.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Setup, Sales Manager, Procurement Manager.